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DevOps as a Way to Develop Software

If you search the Internet, you’ll find tutorials on different products, articles on different aspects of DevOps philosophy, and talks from events with little relevancy to what most CI/CD teams do every day. There are workshops which simulate DevOps, but my trainings is a much more affordable alternative.

If you are a developer, you might be interested in my FREE GitHub Learning Lab-based course on CI or its text version.

Corporate Training

I provide custom corporate workshops, on DevOps and Web Development both online and on-site. Since 2004, I developed software with various technology stacks as a developer/lead and authored several DevOps courses using different tool chains. To request a corporate training, please click the button and fill the form. You'll need to provide general information about the training and a contact e-mail. You might either pick one of predefined courses listed below or provide your own curriculum when filling the form. I'll write you back and we'll discuss the conditions. I'm based in Toronto, Canada, but don't mind taking a flight or two.

Implementing Continuous Delivery with GitLab

This is an intensive all-in-one Continuous Delivery/DevOps course relying on GitLab to both demonstrate concepts and provide end-to-end hands-on experience.

It's about 8 hours: 3 hours theory + 5 hours labs.

The course requires the ability to understand scripts and config files.


DevOps essentials in 30 minutes

GitLab Overview

Git refresher

Product management in GitLab

  • Users, Projects, Groups

  • Working with issues

  • Boards

Implementing CD

  • Creating a basic pipeline

  • Deploying to GitLab Pages

Lab 1: setting up GitLab + creating a basic pipeline

Implementing CD - Advanced

  • Docker essentials

    • Kubernetes essentials

    • Creating an Advanced Pipeline

        • Advanced QA in GitLab

        • Deploying to Kubernetes

        • Self-hosted runners


GitLab CD Metrics

Lab 2: creating an advanced pipeline deploying to Kubernetes and monitoring

Continuous Delivery to Kubernetes on Azure with GitHub

In this course we implement Continuous Delivery with GitHub and Azure to from the beginning to the end.

8 hours: 3 hours theory + 5 hours labs.

Understanding scripts and config files is required.


DevOps & CD in 30 minutes

Git refresher

Docker essentials

Kubernetes crash course

Lab 1: Deploying a web application to Kubernetes

  • Get familiar with our application, discuss its parts.

  • Dockerize our application.

  • Deploy our application to Kubernetes locally on Docker Desktop.

Azure Kubernetes Service

Application insights & Azure Monitor

Building a CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Actions

Lab 2: deploying to Kubernetes on Azure

  • Discuss Azure Kubernetes Service, and how we need to change the application. Then we once again deploy our application but this time to AKS.

  • Create a workflow for deploying the application to Azure using GitHub Actions.

  • Monitor our application with Application Insights

Team work and CI with Git

DevOps requires coordinated team effort. One of the key activities is CI (Continuous Integration). Team work and CI with Git is an 4 hour independent module on the subject. Master Git and CI theory, understand the trade-offs and get practical skills going through common team work scenarios. Most of the time is spent doing 100% hands-on labs. There is a simplified FREE version of the course on GitHub Learning Lab, if you like it, chances are, you will like the full version even more.

This module is for people with technical background: developers, admins, testers or ones with relevant education or experience.

Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline

You will spend most of the 4 hours implementing CD (Continuous Delivery) with your own hands. I'll help you understand the methodology and the process better and will make sure you don't waste your time in frustration on little technical problems. In the end, you will deploy a web project with a real-world CD pipeline created by you.

Completing the module will require the ability to work with simple scripts.

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly